Approved service provider list by category

You must buy your medical equipment or supplies from an approved Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) vendor. Approved vendors include some home health care stores, pharmacies, home oxygen suppliers and hearing aid vendors. See the list below.

You must be assessed and authorized for AADL benefits first. AADL cannot refund clients who purchase their own medical equipment and supplies before being assessed and authorized for the equipment and supplies.

For more information, contact AADL.

Your authorizer will provide you with a list of at least 3 vendors, or you may choose your own from the list of approved vendors.

AADL vendors by category
NOTE: The approved vendor lists below are provided in PDF

Changing your AADL vendor
You can choose to change your vendor or supplier based on need or choice.
To change your vendor:

  1. Choose a new AADL approved vendor from the list
  2. Complete the AADL Change Vendor Request form
  3. Fax or send the completed form to AADL

Excerpt from Alberta Health updated 29 November 2016

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