Save up to 100% on your OA knee brace with Alberta Health benefits

The Unloader One is a knee brace specifically designed to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Unloader knee braces for osteoarthritis are an eligible benefit with Alberta Health
Seniors (65+) are eligible for 100% coverage. Maximum deductible would not exceed $500 for individuals under age 65.

Call Braceworks 403-240-9100 to determine your eligibility.

Early knee osteoarthritis management
Braces should be prescribed early in the course of the disease rather than using medication as the only intervention.

In the period between initial diagnosis and definitive surgical management, patients may be prescribed numerous nonsurgical management strategies, either alone or concomitantly. Although pharmacological therapy improves knee OA symptoms in many cases, no nonsurgical treatment has been shown to slow disease progression.

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